“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”

VolCam is a network of international and local Volunteer service agencies and volunteer involving organisations in Cambodia.

VolCam’s purpose is to promote the concept of volunteerism throughout Cambodia, encompassing both international and local volunteer programs. It acts as a knowledge sharing forum, where members have an opportunity to learn from one another and it facilitates access to information about volunteering and volunteering opportunities in Cambodia for people of all ages and levels of skill, whether they are from Cambodia or from other countries. VolCam believes that volunteering is a crucial component of development in any country, important tool for strengthening and mobilizing communities and capacity building and it provides valuable opportunities for volunteers as well as services for the society.

The network was formed in 2012, after the revival of a volunteer agency support group was proposed by VSO International, CECI and UNV. Previously, agency representatives were only meeting informally on an ad-hoc basis. VolCam was formed to strengthen inter-agency communication in order to regularly  share ideas and information, network and coordinate opportunities.

VolCam invites local and international volunteer agencies operating in Cambodia to join the network and to discuss joint initiatives, training and sector developments in order to promote volunteerism with one voice and strenghten its position in all sectors of Cambodian society.

Read our Terms of Reference.

Write us to become member of our team!
Write us to become member of our team!



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