Community Action Challenge 2017 is here! Form a team, find a problem and propose a solution – we will be looking forward for your ideas!

Find your application sheet below and send it to our e-mail: before 31st August 2017.


Apply here:

CAC 2017 – Application Form – English

CAC 2017 – Application Form – Khmer

The Community Action Challenge (CAC) invites active citizens to find a solution to a local problem. The participants can implement their small projects with a group of volunteers. UN Volunteers Cambodia facilitates the CAC in partnership with VolCam network members, that coordinate the participant selection and provide seed funding for selected projects, and provides an opportunity to share and discuss the results and experiences during the International Volunteer Day.

We aim to:

  • Support 10 projects
  • Support each project with 100-150 USD

The success of the first CAC 2016 shone a spotlight on the potential of grassroots volunteer efforts, no matter how big or small, highlighting the potential of volunteerism in addressing local issues also in the light of the SDGs. The second round of the CAC is here right now and you have the unique chance to be part of it!

Community Action Challenge 2017 poster – English


Community Action Challenge 2017 poster – Khmer


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