Are you interested in helping others and being an active member of your society? Have you ever volunteered or you are searching for opportunities to try volunteering for the first time? Come to the celebration of the International Volunteer Day 2013 and share your experience and learn more about volunteering, its benefits and opportunities in Cambodia.

On December 5th from 8am to 4pm the 3rd National Forum on Volunteerism will take place in the National Institute of Education, Phnom Penh. Volunteers from all over Cambodia can participate, share ideas and learn more about their accomplishments and opportunities. The discussions will focus on development of skills through volunteerism and possibilities of volunteering in ASEAN Region. The participants will have an opportunity to interact and learn from distinguished speakers from local, national and international organizations, representatives of the government and private sector.

The celebrations will continue on from 5pm at Meta House, Phnom Penh and will include

  • A fair of volunteering organizations
  • Loy9 sharing their experience with volunteering and success of the Blood Donation Campaign
  • Let’s Do It!: volunteers solving problems of pollution and environmental protection
  • Debates and discussions with variety of volunteer involving organizations about volunteering opportunities in Cambodia and around the world
  • Performance of Tiny Toones and Koh Thlok band.

If you would like to participate on the National Forum on Volunteerism and celebrate the International Volunteers Day with us please write us your name, address together with a short description of your volunteering experience on email: Deadline for registration is 29th November 2013.


The overall aim of the two events will be to recognize volunteers throughout Cambodia, demonstrating that volunteerism is a viable and necessary strategy for the country’s development. 

The slogan  “Be a role model, be a Volunteer!“ will be used for both events, in line with the global theme “Young. Global. Active. ” and UNV commitment to increase the recognition of volunteers’ actions.

Both events are organized under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and in partnership with UN Agencies, civil society (represented by VolCam) and with support of Smart, Coca-Cola and ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme AYVP@AsiaEngage and Friends International.

This is the location of International Volunteer Day 2013.

location map IVD2013-page-001

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