Present in 124 countries and territories, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth run organization with the vision to bring peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential to the world.

In Cambodia, AIESEC is present in 6 top universities including IFL, NUM, UP, Limkokwing, RULE and PUC with more than 300 members and hundreds of Alumni after 5 years of existence.

AIESEC has been responsible for creating responsible leaders  through 4 key programmes, including

Team Member Programme :  Opportunity for all university students to apply and go through a practical team experience.

Team Leader Programme : Opportunity for all members to apply into further roles and lead his/her team members, project budget and implementation of their plan to achieve their team goal.

Global Internship Programme : Opportunity  for university students and recent graduates to develop entrepreneurial and responsible  leadership by living a cross-cultural professional developmental experience.

Global Volunteer Programme : Opportunity for university students to develop entrepreneurial and  responsible leadership by creating direct positive impact through international volunteer experience.

From now until 3rd of November, AIESEC in Cambodia is offering the opportunity for Global Volunteer Programme; therefore, all  university students and recent graduates are able to create their own international experience through going abroad and work in the social projects. Based on our 5 years experience, we have sent more than 100 students to Mainland China, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia, India , Mexico and more.

You can apply now at . For more info please visit our website at


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