The population of Cambodia is approximately 13, 4 million people. 70% of the population is under the age of 30 and 52% under the age of 18. The demographic dividend of the large group of young people can be beneficial for the development of Cambodia only if the youth is able to obtain appropriate education and skills enabling them to enter the work force.

The publication How to develop active volunteers: Good practice guidelines for organizing and managing volunteers in Cambodia resulted from a joint effort of VSO and CUSO in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia and benefited from the experience of hundreds of youth volunteers and managers of volunteer programmes, drawing in particular from the discussions held at the IVD 2012 Celebrations in Phnom Penh.

The authors based their research on the general understanding and recognition of volunteering, which offers an opportunity for young Cambodians to develop self-awareness, increase confidence, improve knowledge about social issues and enhance job prospects.

There are currently a lot of active volunteering programmes and organizations in Cambodia, but many of them lack experience and ability to efficiently manage their organization. This new publication established guidelines and good practices, which promote volunteer engagement and help to implement youth focused volunteering programmes in Cambodia. The guidelines also provide valuable information and inspiration for existing youth volunteering programmes as well as for people, who would like to start a new volunteer initiative.

The publication touches upon many topics and introduces the issue of volunteerism in Cambodia in detail:

  • Describing the context in which youth volunteering takes place
  • Providing guiding principles, based on existing organizations’ experience, and good ways of working with youth volunteers – how to recruit, develop and manage young people and volunteers
  • Sharing young people’s own accounts of what motivates them to be volunteers and their suggestions of what support they would need/want
  • Highlighting the value of volunteering as part of developing Cambodia

In order to achieve Active Volunteering, the publication presents its guidelines according to so called “volunteer’s life cycle” and provides advice on all stages of involving volunteers: from recruitment and induction, training and development, recognition and appreciation and helping volunteers to progress in the organization or saying them goodbye.

See the original publication in English and Khmer.

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