Youthstar volunteers are determined young Cambodians, who spent one year working in rural communities, sharing their experience and learning from local culture and tradition. But many other doors, including opportunities abroad, are also open for young volunteers after they complete their service.

rathy sengRathy SENG,  volunteered in Krochhmar Commune, Kampong Cham Province from May 2006-2007. Rathy found his time at Youth Star enjoyable, challenging and g

 Rathy went on to work with as a Community Engagement Specialist, took part in a year internship Worldwide Farmers Exchange Program, Hawaii, USA, organised through Youth Star. For the last 4 years he worked at International Development Enterprise (IDE) as a Business Development Coordinator.

 Through my time with Youth Star I now possess a well-developed leadership style, understanding and experience in my chosen field. I have achieved profitable results, developed strong team work with exceptional communication skills, strong customer focus, and have demonstrated the ability to take on a diverse multi- tasked management roles from my previous employments and work experiences”Image

 Rathy has been granted another Internship with Worldwide Famers Exchange Program in Hawaii which he began in May .

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