Donating blood can save lives and voluntary blood donations are crucial in providing blood to patients in emergencies. UN Volunteers in Cambodia and other VolCam members are supporting the national Blood Donation Campaign, a joint initiative of Loy9 programme and National Blood Transfusion Center (NBTC). Loy9 is an entertaining and inspiring mass media campaign, which features important societal issues and young Cambodians, who have stories to tell about how they are involved in their communities. On June 9th Loy9 starts its Big Challenge: blood donation campaign, which will be held in 9 locations over 9 days and should mobilize 999 donors to give blood.



Blood Bank for Life

In Cambodia, there are currently not enough voluntary donors of blood. Blood cannot be manufactured or come from outside, so each country and its population has a responsibility for its own blood supply. There are many misperceptions about donating blood, but when conducted by professionals, donating blood is very safe, has no health risks and it is important to know that by giving blood you can save lives. Currently 60% of all blood in Cambodia comes from replacement donors. It means that after something happens, people have to search for someone, who is willing to give them blood. On average one patient needs 3 units of blood, so the patient has to find 3 donors to be treated. By encouraging voluntary blood donations on regular basis, Cambodia can create Blood Bank for life, which would allow everyone access to blood, when they need it.

Healthy blood, healthy donors

In order to have healthy blood, blood donors have to be healthy too. Every donor has to go through medical examination and his blood is tested for various diseases. You can become a donor when you are 17 years old and weigh more than 45 kg and you pass the medical examination. Donating is not at all painful and our body restores all blood within 48 hours from donation, without any health risks.

Become a part of the Big Challenge

You can participate in the Big Challenge yourself and save lives by becoming voluntary blood donor. Loy9 TV van will be moving every day to different location and cover the progress of the Blood Donation Campaign. The Big Challenge will take place in following locations:

    • June 9th Battambang University
    • June 10th Siem Reap in Provincial Blood Transfusion center or in the Angkor Hospital
    • June 11th Kampong Cham Regional Teacher Training Center
    • June 12th Sihanouk Provincial Heath Department
    • June 12th there will be a big celebration of the International Blood Donation Day in Sofitel Hotel in Phnom Penh
    • June 13th Takeo Referral Hospital
    • June 14th International Blood Donation Day in the National Blood Transfusion Center in Phnom Penh in Ang Duong Hospital .
    • June 15th and June 17th PSE in Phnom Penh (
    • 16th the National Blood Transfusion Center in Phnom Penh in Ang Duong Hospital.

If you want to become a part of the Big Challenge, you can register yourself through SMS on number 097 407 0775. Please send your name, age and location, where you want to donate. You will also be able to register on Facebook through Loy9 page or on Please choose only one way of registration. Volunteers will also be needed for the organization of events. Contact us, if you are interested in volunteering or further information on  Facebook Page: United Nations in Cambodia.

big challenge schedule updated

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