yrdp trainingYouth Resource Development Programme, member of VolCam, educates  students to question the world around them and through its programs and activities it provides them with the confidence and tools they need to create a culture of peace, justice, and sustainable development in Cambodia for generations to come.

YRDP training - talking to communitiesYRDP has a special Khmer Rouge Training (KRT) program focused on educating youth about Cambodians troubled past. YRDP youth volunteers organized a training about Khmer Rouge era for 22 students at Chea Sim Kampong Thmor High School. More than 120,000 people are believed to be killed by the Khmer Rouge in Kampong Thom Province. Students traveled with survivor Kin Heng to Wat Baray Choan Dek, where many Cambodians were killed and their remains still remind sad history of the place. Many of the students had been to the Pagoda for religious ceremonies before, but had no idea about the killings that took place there and at a prison on the site.

damAnother stop was the Moi Makara Dam, a place where all of the students had come for parties or to swim, though few knew that the massive dam was built during the Khmer Rogue regime in six months by 5,000 citizens and that many died as a result of the exhausting work, starvation or Khmer Rouge violence. Students also met victims from local community and were confronted with stories of suffering they had to go through.

Read more on YRDP website and see pictures on YRDP Facebook page.

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